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Thread: BREAKING NEWS (Ripon homeowner holds alleged burglar at gunpoint)

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    Score one for the GOOD guys...

    TOWN OF RIPON — A homeowner held an armed burglar, accused of burglarizing the same home about a week prior, at gunpoint Friday morning until police arrived to make the arrest.
    The burglary was reported at 1:21 a.m. at N9148 on Highway 44, according to a Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Department press release.
    Bill Flood, lieutenant of detectives, said nobody was home during the first burglary in which cash and small engines were taken.
    The homeowner told dispatch he caught the 23-year-old man attempting to steal a large amount of cash, firearms and other items from the home.
    “We believe the homeowner saw lights on in his house and at that point in time he had pretty much crept into the driveway, got out of his vehicle, retrieved a handgun, waited for him to come out and took him down at gunpoint and called police,” Flood said.
    The homeowner told dispatch the man was on the floor while he held him at gunpoint, according to the Sheriff’s Department log.
    The Ripon Police Department and Sheriff’s Department conducted a high-risk stop of a vehicle near the burglarized home and arrested a 24-year-old female driver – identified as the man’s girlfriend. She is suspected of dropping the 23-year-old man off at the home.
    The Sheriff’s Department will refer charges of burglary, burglary while armed, possession of burglarious tools and theft to the Fond du Lac County District Attorney’s Office. The woman could face a charge of party to a crime of burglary.
    The Sheriff’s Department is continuing to investigate the burglary.

    And there are several other media outlets who have picked up the story.

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    Not that constitutional rights need a cost/benefit analysis, but isn't it amazing (said sarcastically considering the fear mongering of some talking heads) that since the AG memo we've had multiple DGU's and not a single negative consequence?

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    Indeed, Hugh. We've had two reported DGU's which received media coverage, within a month of each other. Clearly not all DGU's are reported and not all DGU's are covered by the media. So there have actually been more DGU's since the memo in all likelihood.

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