The mall that has the Target were I was told I can't OC because they don't allow firearms on their "property" (including some of the stores across the street from the mall that they say belong to their property such as Lowe's, Outback Steakhouse, Michaels, and Office Max) has yet to either remove all (only 4 signs that cover 18 seperate entrances of just the mall!) or add signs to the rest of the doors and the entrances to their parking lots. The signs that are there are just a "Code of Conduct" sign that is hung either on the wall, or on the backside of a map. These signs are also in areas where nobody would look, and the print is rather small. Yet they have plenty of signs on EACH door that either say "No Smoking" or "No Pets".

Some of you that have not been their and OCed and told to leave should go there and OC if you are in the area and don't mind being detained. Don't reply that to this that you plan on doing it, just if you happen to do it and end up noticing this post please reply with a description of your experience. Otherwise it is possible that an officer could say you knewthat guns were not allowed therefrom this thread, though I don't know how much that would hold up in court. Plus I could be lying. There may not be any signs, and they may love to have people with firearms in their "mall".