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Thread: Bikers look here!

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    Hello, the Motorcycle season has begun, and I want to add concealed carry biker attire in my store. However, there is a problem, I do not have the $1000 for the initial order.
    I do have a solution. I am offering as a buy in deal, that my first ten orders will be at cost (+ sales tax).
    The Company in question is Coronado Leather. You won't believe the savings. In most cases it's more than 40%.
    This offer applies to you ladies out there looking for a nice leather purse designed to conceal your handgun.

    If you are interested, you can contact me at:
    the Discerning Shootist
    721 Woodmere Ave
    Traverse City MI 49686

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    An Amazon best seller "MY PARENTS OPEN CARRY"

    *The information contained above is not meant to be legal advice, but is solely intended as a starting point for further research. These are my opinions, if you have further questions it is advisable to seek out an attorney that is well versed in firearm law.

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