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Thread: South Milwaukee attempting to enact pre-empted ordinance

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    Okay well I have been following this closely as I am a resident. I have contacted the police department three times and just got a copy of the ordinance they want to enact. Here is the exact wording.

    Section 23.03 Firearms Prohibited. (1) It is unlawful for any person to carry any firearm, loaded or unloaded in any public building, on the grounds surrounding any public building, in any public park, in any school, on any school grounds, on any playground,at little league field,throughout Grant Park and the Oak Creek Parkway, on any premises liscensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages and on the grounds of and within any premises where the owner or lessee has posted a sign prohibiting the carrying of firearms.

    WOW this is obviously in confliction with the state pre-emption statute. I never would have thought anyone would be so ignorant of the law...... Give the common counsel members a call! This can't pass!


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    I suggest you immediately file a complaint with the district attorney. They intend to violate 66.0409. Just like the DA/police department investigates Open Meetings law violations, file a complaint with the DA and do it now! Get your fellow OC supporters to go down to the DA's office and file a complaint as well.

    If the DA refuses to investigate, flood him/her with inquiries as to why, andfilecomplaints against the DA with both the AG's office (refusing to investigate crimes) and the state bar.

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