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    I may have meet some of you at the La Crosse OC picnic, I drove the Red Mustang Cobra with VA plates. I moved to La Crosse, Wi the day before the picnic and felt I needed at show to help support this movement. I meet many very interesting people and had a lot of great conversations. I do how ever have a few suggestions for us as a area to start and see how far it can reach in the state...

    I'm wondering how hard it would be to use members of the area, from, to set up thesame thing we used in VA. We had a complete database,allonline, of local business that were friendly to OC and those who opposed it. This was done by talking to business owners or business mangers to get first had knowledge, again thiscould also include school zones and such so you know what business are inside that perimeter. Its not really hard to do just a little time consuming. It wouldgive all residents and visitors in the area a better understanding on how best to spend there money to support those who support us.

    This is very simple and very easy to accomplish, I believe it would really help out. After all business owners, especially large ones with big pocks are the ones that truly need to support out advertising campaigns to make them work. I also passed to to Hurbert

    David LaValley


    "Proudly supporting Wi CC & OC"

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    Here is were I see the issue:

    We send a letter or talk to grocery store managers. Then they all have breakfast, and the next thing we know, they all put up signs. Will it happen? Don't know, but this is La Crosse County where Judges use comments like "wild west" when referring to firearms carry and say "you don't need a gun in wal-mart," and there isn't a single member of the 35 member county board that support our right to bear arms.

    So my opinion is that when we find a place that doesn't support us, we post it on line, but go looking??? Not sure about that....i.

    If you would like to do such a thing, feel free, I am willing to help in any way I can.

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