I stopped at the Hollywood Video in Auburn Indiana about 21:30, 5Jun09. I was looking for used DVD's to buy.

I'd spent 15-20 minutes looking thru the racks of used DVD's for sale when a young man in jeans and t-shirt stepped up next to me on my right and asked me what kind of gun I was carrying. I usually wear a Model of 1917, but tonight I was wearing a Smith & Wesson Mod. 66 in an Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster.

I told him what I was wearing and he asked me if I had a permit. My response was: Hell yes!!!!! That's when he told me he worked for the Auburn Police Dept.and he was just checking. He turned to leave. That's when I asked him if he wanted to see it. He looked at my revolver and shook his head, no. I said,"The permit". He replied,"Oh, sure".

As I was reaching for my wallet I asked him if I could see his police ID. He reached for his wallet and handed his ID to me as I handed my LTCH to him. His ID was for a Pathfinder, Auburn Police Dept.

I found a DVD I wanted and took it to the counter to pay for it. The lady behind the counter rang up my sale and asked me if I could see the other employee smoking a cigarette outside. I told her I could see him and she told me I'd really scared him when he saw my gun and he'd called the police and since he was such an a$$hole she'd appreciate it if I'd scare him really good when I went outside.

Her comment hit me in the funny bone and I almost convulsed with laughter but managed to regain my composure and told her I couldn't do a thing like that. She was giggling as the other employee came back inside and I told her he was probably just jealous because he didn't have one.

She got her giggle under control, looked the other employee in the eye and said to me,"Sir, if you have any problem with that DVD; just bring it back with the receipt and I'll replace it. Thank you for coming in."

Apparently the Auburn Police Dept. wasn't too concerned about a MWAG who was checking out used DVD's as they only sent a Pathfinder in mufti who appeared to be unarmed.

Unlike Tom's Donuts in Angola, Indiana; I will return to Hollywood Video in Auburn, Indiana.