John Pierce has done an awesome job summarizing and re-stating the strategic issues at stake here in the election on Tuesday for the Democratic nomination for Virginia's Governor.

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Let’s start with Terry McAuliffe. As an avid believer in gun control, a McAuliffe governorship would be a “nuclear winter” for gun rights in Virginia, making Governor Time Kaine appear centrist and rational in comparison. In a blogger conference call in January, McAuliffe promised that if elected, he would revise or eliminate the Dillon Rule which prevents local authorities from imposing a patchwork of local controls making the lawful exercise of a citizens rights impossible as one travels across the Commonwealth. I could continue and write an entire article about McAuliffe’s gun control plans but it is sufficient to say that he is the worst case scenario of all candidates in any party and leave it at that.

The next candidate is Senator Creigh Deeds. Deeds, who was supported by gun owners in his previous candidacy, is the Judas Iscarot of this race. Having achieved his current position on the backs of gun owners, he has suddenly turned hard left in his quest for the support of the gun-control wing of his party and abandoned gun owners who once looked to his future as synonymous with that of former Governor Mark Warner whose consistently pro-gun positions allowed him to easily move from the Governor’s mansion to the U.S. Senate.