June 08, 2009[/b]

Gun control politics in the Obama era

The Virginia Democratic Primary consists, in part, of candidates pledging to take away guns in the D.C. suburbs and developing a deepening respect for the second amendment as they head south and west.

Shaun Dakin links a remarkable robocall on Brian Moran's behalf, attcking "rabidly anti-gun" Terry McAuliffe and suggesting that Creigh Deeds sold out gun owners to get the Washington Post endorsement, while touting Moran's support for the right to bear arms in school parking lots.

If Deeds does pull it off with a WaPo-driven surge in NoVA, give Obama some credit: His decision to give up on gun control has kept what can be a very hot issue on the back burner for both sides of the debate, and may have dampened the attacks on Deeds up north.

The White House deferral on guns drives urban liberals crazy, but it's also big tent politics in action, and it could help produce a Democratic primary winner who will be very hard to attack on the issue.

By Ben Smith 03:09 PM[/b]