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Thread: [Anti] Freedom Alliance takes note of open carry movement

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    Starbucks Full of Guns - The Insanity of Open Carry
    By Freedom States Alliance , Working to Prevent Gun Violence - 12 Minutes Ago

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    • Michigan Gun Group Holds Open Carry Picnic
    Across the country, gun proponents are continuing to ramp up their efforts to normalize abnormal behavior by encouraging citizens to openly carry loaded firearms.

    Just last week, Pastor Ken Pagano of the New Bethal Church in Kentucky made headlines with his decision to promote the 2nd Amendment by sponsoring an "Open Carry Church Service" on June 27. All he asks is that parishioners bring a firearm and a friend who has a sidearm.

    Likewise, in Kalamazoo, Michigan on June 7 the Open Carry crowd was at it again. About 30 people showed up at a picnic in a public park with guns hoisted on their hips to demonstrate they were within the law to openly carry a firearm.

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    Amazing the comments.

    America is starting to wake up on this issue, and its about time.

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    You know, I think it's funny how these people use the word "abnormal" in how they describe us. Isn't that how the radical right fringe describes gays, etc? We need to throw this back in their face and show their true intolerance. Just like the radical right is intolerant, the radical left also is intolerant....just of the exercise of the rights each group doesn't agree with. If it is incorrect for someone to say they do not support gay marriage or support equal rights for immigrants, etc, then it is also incorrect for those on the other side of the fence to say they do not support gun rights and the freedom of speech associated with such "sensitive" topics.

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