My apologies for not introducing myself in any other post. I am so delighted to live here in this great State of Nevada, where there are so many Constitutional loving people who carry guns to protect themselves, the public and the Constitution on which this great Country was built on.

I moved here from NYC about six months ago, for a variety of reasons, the main one being that I wanted to move to a state where I didn't have to explain all the time why I carry a gun. I found the Citizens of Nevada to be amazing, the Law Enforcement to be courteous almost all the time... plus there was a lot of great Americans who were willing to stand up and protect their rights, armed if necessary.

I am the owner of an well-known Interactive Advertising Company, plus have two companies that work in Law Enforcement and Politics/Political Action.

My background is Law Enforcement, I won't go into details, except that I'm trained in computer forensics, and the agency I worked with burnt to the ground on 9/11.

I am a huge supporter of Law Enforcement in general, and believe that 99% of all police officers and deputies are amazing individuals who serve the public every day with honor and respect. I however also think many of them are poorly trained and not educated by their superiors and more importantly by the departments and jurisdictions they work for.

Again, it is an honor to find so many protectors of freedom on these message boards in the Great State of Nevada.