I went to court today to fight the traffic ticket (Improper Tags Displayed on my plate....even though the registration was up to date) I got after I was stopped for OCing over a month ago. I was expecting to either be walking out of there with it waved or paying for the fine. Apparently it was a pretrial!!! Are you kidding me? For a traffic ticket! So now I have to go back a month and a half from now for the "trial".

I had to use up a vacation day to miss work, then I sat in the courthouse for 3 hours just to say "Not Guilty". I said "not guilty" by signing the back of the ticket where it says something along the lines of "Sign here if you are not admiting guilt for this ticket (or in other words...NOT GUILTY!!!)".

To pass some of the time I got to watch a guy who was probably in his mid to late 40's who was gone...He was knocking trash cans over in the courthouse hallway to start it off. Then he knocked a brown paper bag off a bench that belonged to another guy, though the guy apoligized after a woman (who I'm assuming is his mother) said "Don't do that! That is not yours." The intoxicated man then went and sat down on a trash can. From there he used his can to hit the ceiling tiles and tried using his cane to push the cover off of the light fixture.

Throughout the hour that I sat in the hallway with others, this man was yelling random stuff such as "I'm HUNGRY!", "I'm going to spit on the MF'er", "Let's go get something to eat", and finally (actually this is the first thing I heard him yell, but I figured I'd save it for last) as a police officer was by, the intoxicated man yelled "PIG!".:what:The cop didn't do/say ANYTHING.

The man was called into the courtroom and was in there for about 10 minutes. When he finally came out, he had an officer on each side of him (and his mother was crying...I felt bad for her) and they went through a "Authorized Personal Only" door. About 15 mintues later two medics showed up with a gerny. About 4 people helped to get him onto the gerny. He was out as soon as he layed down.

I heard someone that came from the backroom where he was say "He had been drinking and took about 10 oxycondin" :shock:. Another guy said "the sad thing is he has to come back to be arraigned". :?