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Thread: Why have we stopped talking about car violence?

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    Yesterday Columnist Bill Moyers, a senior writer at PBS, wrote a commentary in the wake of last week's crazy man's attack on the Holocaust Museum here in Washington, DC entitled "Why have we stopped talking about guns?"

    Moyers mounts the tragedy as if it were a literary tree stand to blast pretty much every group or politician who is not taking action to curtail gun rights. . . . Right Mr. Moyers. Enough is enough.

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    I posted this in the comments:

    Has anyone else noticed that these so-called anti-violence groups only target "gun" violence, but don't ever seem to be concerned at all about the rest of violant crime? I mean, violent crimes committed with firearms is such a small percentage of the total number of violent crimes committed in this country. They must have extremely low asperations in life.

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