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Thread: Operation CarryLand Reaches Madison this Week (starting Tuesday 16 June)

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    For Immediate Release – June 15, 2009


    Operation CarryLand Reaches Madison this Week[/b]
    Pro open carry radio ads will pound the airwaves over Madison this week starting Tuesday June 16, 2009. The ads will air on WJJO, WTDY, and WWQM, as well as through associated radio station Internet broadcasts.

    The objective is to double down on the mounting pressure across Wisconsin to repeal the state’s onerous 1,000 foot school zone gun ban, as well as the ban on open carrying in vehicles. The radio ad is at

    And fundraising for Operation CarryLand continues at - gun owners are already half way to funding the next salvo of radio ads over Green Bay!

    But meanwhile has asked Senator Decker to amend his modest SB 222 (legalization of unloaded open carry for hunters) to override the Wisconsin Appeals Court decision in State v. Alloy,616 N.W.2d 525 (Wis. App. 2000) which holds that possessing even an encased and unloaded gun within arms reach is unlawful concealment. See

    Carry on!

    Media Contacts: co-founders:
    John Pierce: John at
    Mike Stollenwerk: Mike at

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    I'll stay tuned to JJO, then. Although, if they play Disturbed's "Into The Night" every damned day like they've been doing for the last couple weeks, I'm going going to strangle someone.

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    was listening to sly this morning and heard the ad, i actually shook my fist and said hell yeah.

    keep up the good work:celebrate

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