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Thread: Do LA gun laws apply to these guys..?

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    According to CAL/GANG, a statewide database (2005 data) maintained by the California Department of Justice, the city of Los Angeles is home to 463 gangs with 39,032 members — about the same number as residents of Encino
    Among those, Latino gangs are the most numerous, with 22,309 members. Predominantly African American are the so-called Crip gangs, with 10,306 members, and Blood-affiliated gangs, with 4,209. The rest are smaller gangs. These numbers are down from 1997, when the database showed 64,000 gang members.

    Countywide, CAL/GANG estimates there are 1,108 gangs with 85,298 members. About 53,121 are members of predominantly Latino gangs, while the Crips, with 210 cliques, have 17,542. The numbers include those for the city of Los Angeles.

    To be listed in the CAL/GANG system, a person must meet two or more of the following criteria: be an admitted gang member, be named by a reliable informant, wear gang attire, display gang signs or tattoos, frequent gang areas or be arrested with known gang members.

    Being in a Los Angeles gang seems to have it's perks: no gun registration, no waiting period, can get more than one gun a month, any size gun magazine is OK, Assault type weapon also OK, JHP ammo use is no sweat.....
    It's the honest law abiding citizen of LA who has to jump thru the gun control hoops............or move to Arizona.


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    Let's not forget, if you happen to be in one of those gangs, and you just happen to have entered this country through less-than-legal-means, ACORN and the current administration is trying to make you a full-fledged citizen so you can vote for them next time around.

    But remember, B Hussein Obama, doesn't want to take away anyone's guns.

    /dripping sarcasm

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