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Thread: M1906 Krag-Jørgensen

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    So I was helping a family member move the other day and came across their rifle. She tells me you can have it, it was given to me and I know nothing about it etc and I'm like are you sure this thing looks old. She said yeah go for it.

    So long story short I go down to Cabelas to have them tell me about it. I get in and they are like wow can I see that, can I show that to someone. He starts pulling out books and saying if it had the rear sight or scope etc it would be worth thousands. I'm thinking cool. Apparently it is a military rifle and it's over a 100yrs old.

    It's a M1906 Krag-Jørgensen carbine (repeating bolt action rifle) 5 round side magazine. It's either a 8x58R rimmed (Danish Krags) .30-40 Krag (US Krags) or most likely a 6.5 x 55 rimless. It has some minor defects: it's missing the butt, the rear sight is missing, they think it had at one time a telescopic sight (looks like a long metal tube).

    I wanted to ask all you gun enthusiasts: do you know where I could find a rear sight or telescopic sight for this type of rifle? I think it would be way cool to fix it up and mount it. Just not sure if there is still parts for a 100 year old rifle.
    I googled this rifle and found this picture (I have to fix my digital camera than I'll post a picture of it)

    the other picture is a 1894 model with the telescopic sight...

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    Those things are sweet, my FIL has one he bought when he was a kid.

    I dont know about parts for it, but if it ends up not being worth too horribly much, you'll love shooting it.

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