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Thread: Fallas Paredes is NOT 2A friendly!!!

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    I am copying this from Nevada Shooters. Please feel free to copy and paste this anywhere you think it will help spread the word about an anti-2A business.

    So I was OC'ing this evening with my girlfriend while we went to exchange a pair of pants at Fallas Parerdes I had bought and were too small.

    I walked in and went right to the cashier and asked to exchange and she told me to grab whatever else it is I wanted and she would take care of me. no problems, great, so I went to look for a pair of pants.

    I got about 15ft when this old Security Guard started following me, and then got VERY close to me. So I turned around and he started talking to me.

    I am going to try to remember everything that was said.

    SG: Are you a Police Officer

    Me: No, sir.

    SG: You have a gun. why do you have a gun displaying if you aren't a Police Officer?

    Me: Here in NV it is 100% legal to open carry a firearm.

    SG: Do you have a permit to do that?

    Me: No. I do not need a permit to open carry, it is perfectly legal to carry my firearm.

    SG: Well do you have a permit to cover it?

    Me: I have a concealed weapons permit, yes.

    SG: Then you have to cover it while you are in here.

    Me: Ok. I'll do that.

    So I pull my shirt over my gun, so I printing like CRAZY. I was wearing a kind of tighter polo shirt and carrying in a OWB holster..not the most concealable carry rig in the world.
    I went to look for some more pants, and my girlfriend suggested since they don't want my gun in there, they don't want my money either. (Isn't she the f-ing best???) So I realized she is right, so I go to up to the cashier/customer service desk and ask for a manager.

    The manager comes up and asks what the problem is. So I ask her what is their policy on LEGALLY carried firearms inside their business. She said there was no problem at first, but then quickly back tracked and said it is not allowed because their customers "freak out". She also said I could either cover it up, or leave.

    So I told her that I am going to tell everyone I know to never shop there, and I will never be back again. She didn't care one bit. I also told her I wanted a refund instead of an exchange, and she said "Oh...well I am not sure that is a possibility. I was already really annoyed at that point, but when she told me I couldn't get my money back, I got real mad real fast. I told her "I want my f-ing money back, and I want it back right now". I shouldn't have said that, I know, but I was pretty mad, and it just flew out of my mouth. She told me she had to call her Regional Manager to find out if she could give me my money.

    She comes back 5 minutes later and gives me my money, and I remind her once again that I am never going to shop there again, and I am going to tell everyone I know to never shop as well. Once again, she didn't care.

    I asked for her Regional Manager's phone number, and I asked for her name, her RM's name, and the Security Guards name. She said she couldn't give me any names, but she gave me the number.

    So Monday I am going to call the RM, and find out the policy, and then get an address and where to send my letter of dissatisfaction.

    I know I shouldn't expect the best customer service at a discount clothing store like that, but I do expect to be treated like they are happy I spend my money there.

    I wanted to let you guys know to NOT shop at Fallas Paredes because they do NOT support your right to openly carry your firearm. They will NEVER get my business again, and I suggest until they chance their policy, none of you shop there as well.

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    Not sure why you started with "No sir" but then to "I want my f---ing money". Many on here will frown upon your "lack of professionalism" but it's your right to speak any way you wish, as it is your right to carry a weapon. Just not sure why you lost your cool so quick in this situation. Should you encounter a real self-defense situation, it would be best to be prepared to better handle the situation.

    Again, not to criticize, but your tone may have come across as threatening, and while it is your right to speak as you like and carry a weapon, it's generally in your best interest not to come across as threatening when OC.

    I'm just a guy, so take my advice FWIW, but I think that when carrying, especially OC, you must learn increased patience. The first time I OC'd was at an Outback steakhouse with my wife. After reading this forum (mostly the horror stories) I was ready for a fight. I had myself all worked up and winded up getting into an argument with my wife before we even got into the restaurant. I quickly learned to be more patient, including most importantly, with my wife.

    This situation doesn't seem to have started off too negatively (you were not asked to leave, the police didn't show up, etc.) Personally I would have handled it differently.

    For one, especially in cust svc situations, you usually get more flies with honey, so to speak.

    For two, it sounds like the store doesn't have a firearms policy, which is why the manager tripped on her words. The way this went down, it may very well result in one being created. That should be the last thing we hope to have happen from OC.

    Last, just think about what might have transpired if an innocent passerby had noticed the situation for only a moment and saw an armed man demanding money from the manager in a threatening way (to many people, cursing is threatening, and while cursing is not in itself illegal, it never really serves to "calm down" a situation)... Assuming he means to act, best case is he's unarmed and makes a phone call to the police about an armed robbery in progress. Worst case, he's armed, and means to stop this "crime in progress".

    Best policy, IMHO, is to remain polite, or at least invisible (don't go out of your way to give yourself unnecessary attention).


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    I should have clarified that I was being very polite the whole time. When she said she might not be able to give me my money back I got more stern and told her to "give me my f-ing money".

    At no point inside the store did I raise my voice, or threaten anyone inside. I know better than that! I did make sure to choose my words wisely. I didn't want to yell "Hey!!! give me the money!!!!!" I made sure to say "MY" money, for the pants I would like to RETURN haha.

    Everyone that knows me on other forums, will tell you that I am a relaxed person. I have met a lot of people from Nevada Shooters, and some of them are on as well. I am sure they would vouch for me and tell you I am not a very threatening person at all.

    The only thing I threatened is to make sure every gun owner I know will never step foot in there again.

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    I have to somewhat disagree -- businesses have a right to have their business run as they wish, and I think its important to make it clear what the difference is between public carry and private carry. If you are going to open carry, please be a diplomat and represent this growing community, ALWAYS in the best manner. The more rude they are, the better you need to be. If they swear at you, you nicely respond that you'd love to talk to them about why you carry, why its a right.

    This has NOTHING to do with ANTI 2A, nothing to do with the second amendment whatsoever. 2A applies in a public setting, and a business always has a right to decide who is in there, and who they want to serve. Also, they didnt ask you not to shop there, they first asked you COVER YOUR GUN UP, which was a very polite thing to do, after asking you if you had a CCW. Seems like some people who knew the law and wanted to give you the right to be there, but also protect their business!!

    I do not believe in being confrontational with private businesses, ever. I go grocery shopping with my glock strapped to me, all the time. I wear the funkiest rock and roll shirts, have long hair, ripped jeans and cowboy boots. Sometimes I'm wearing my tactical equipment after training, sometimes I'm even dirty and dusty. I go to Whole Foods whihc has armed security where I shop because of roberies, and I've introduced myself to the entire security staff, the GM, everyone. They have no idea what I do for a living, but they know I have treated them with respect, talk to them and made it clear that I'm a valuable customer.

    You were confrontational and rude, period. They from the start gave you an option and you decided to be an ass about it, in my opinion. I'm not being judgemental too much, I've been an ass too before


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