Sterile carry is best, but in some cases you have to have your ID and CPL.

With that in mind, as I've posted about before, I came up with the idea to make a legal disclaimer sleeve to store my ID in.

Without probable cause, a Terry stop is illegal. Mere possession
of a firearm where possibly legal is not probable cause, and I do
not consent to any searches. If you are forcibly Terry stopping
or otherwise detaining me merely because of open carrying, you
are clearly violating some or all of the following Federal and
State laws: -MCL Section 750.411
-42 USC 1983 - Mi Const. art. 1 sec 6
-Title 18, Sec 242, USC -Terry v Ohio
-2, and 4 Amd. B.O.R. –JL v Florida (SCOTUS) 2000
Refer questions to Dean Greenblat, firearms attorney
-248 644 8760

I make no guarantees that any of this is accurate, and I certainly welcome any flaws being pointed out. But, if this looks about good, per DougWG's suggestion at the picnic in Owosso, as well as due to smellslikemichigan's comment that he could have used this, I'm asking for one of the more computer savvy people here to please make this into a ready to download document to print off, sized just perfectly to make into a envelope for ID's. I suppose a dotted line to cut and fold along would be nice, but I think everyone here is more than competent enough to figure out how to fold out an envelope. I just don't have the skill to format the lettering small enough.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help with this.