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Thread: Gun Bills May Not Be Dead yet

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    I pulled this off another website and thought I'd share it with you, we may not be out of the fight yet.

    "Tonight in North Richland Hills at the "America's Awakening" event held at the "NYTEX SPORTS CENTRE" and organized by the Fort Worth 9/12 Project, we had Leo Berman as a Keynotes speaker. There are going to be a whole lot of happy people in Texas!!! I videotaped most of his speech with my phone, it may not come out too good my phone rang twice during recording and had to restart the recording, but you can hear the majority of what he said. I am going to attempt to upload the videos somehow or another. He said he spoke with Governor Perry when they had lunch together today, he said he asked him to stand with the Governor of Montana as a friend in a lawsuit planned to be filed in federal court after October 10th when the Montana firearms bill takes effect, and stand with the other Governors in supporting that, and Governor Perry said he yes he will. He mentioned the NRA and the TSRA and advocated for them. The reverend who spoke before him mentioned even REVOLUTION may be necessary as a last resort if we can't stop Obama from moving our country to socialism through other means. Mr. Berman seconded this statement in his speach! Once I get the videos uploaded I will link to them from here for all to see/listen to.

    Now after he was done speaking I took my two boys and my daughter over and let them shake his hand. While I was standing there he was talking with a small crowd of people and I heard him say that he spoke to Governor Perry about including three gun bills in the Special Session "Campus Carry", "Parking Lot", and "CHL Display". He also asked him to include the "Voter ID Bill", the "Texas Sovereignty resolutions", and the "Texas made firearms bill"

    So don't despair guys, things may be looking up after all [img]./images/smilies/patriot.gif[/img]

    [img]./download/file.php?id=545&t=1[/img]We also honored Mr. Berman with a plaque for his service and belief in the constitution.

    Here are the videos:

    ALSO See this:
    Berman offers Perry way out of primary fight

    Rep. Leo Berman is in North Richland Hills this evening, preparing to speak to a rally of hundreds.

    Hours earlier, the Tyler Republican met with Gov. Rick Perry about dropping his bid to unseat him as governor. Berman said he told Perry over lunch that he wanted the incumbent governor to agree to support four issues Berman felt passionately about.

    “He’s going to let me know and if he can agree with the four issues and he can actually accept them as his own, then I’ll step out of the race and endorse him for reelection as governor,” Berman said.

    Berman, a former Arlington city council member, said he asked Perry to:

    --agree to have Texas join a consortium of states that challenge any federal legislation that violates a states’ 10th amendment rights.

    --sign on, as governor, to a federal lawsuit Berman said he expects the state of Montana to file challenging the federal government’s regulation of intrastate commerce, such as guns that are manufactured in a state and only sold to residents of that state.

    --order all state agencies to remove illegal residents from any state benefit programs

    --arrange for the department of homeland security to train some state law enforcement workers so that they are legally able to enforce immigration law.

    Berman said he might accept Perry declining to support one of the four requests if Perry convinces him that one of the requests is unconstitutional.

    “He’s got the money and I don’t have the money," Berman said. "I’ve got a lot of grassroots support but he’s got pretty good name recognition.”

    Berman said he expected Perry to let him know his decision sometime next week. Berman had previously said he expects to launch a bid for governor in early July.

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    Thanks for posting this, Frost. I'd been looking elsewhere and could not find any info about the special session and what bills might be brought up in it.

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    Awesome! Hope we can pass the campus carry bill.

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