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Thread: OT - Need bulk .308 Match Grade Ammo

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    I need to purchase anywhere from 250-600 rounds of .308 match grade HPBT ammo (175 or 168 gr either/or, but has to be one or the other) by Sunday. Anybody have any places in the Seattle/Tacoma/Everett area where that's possible?

    Yes, Just_A_Car, I shot through most of the ammo we traded for, although that's not match grade, in this case.

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    Not sure if the stuff I traded to you was boxer-primed, but at least it was brass-cased. If it was boxer-primed, you could potentially reload some match-grade ammo yourself from the cases.

    As for factory-produced... to get it by Sunday would be tough, but not impossible. I know that the last time I went into Ed's Surplus & Marine on 196th and Hwy 99 in Lynnwood, they had a box or three of Federal FusionĀ® ammo, but the advertisements don't call it "match" ammo, just really accurate hunting ammo.

    Other than that, your best bet is to call around to local gunstores and pawn shops for their ammo stocks and ask them to hold some if you find they have some match ammo.
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