So, I have been putting on an action pistol shoot for the general public at Renton Fish and Game Club in Renton

I've only been doing this since March 2009 and this will be my 5th event.

You can check the threads under "Shooting Like The Good Old Days" or my handle under OLDKIM

I have mainly posted on the following forums:

What I am looking for are qualifed NRA Range Safety Officers and/or NRA Certified Instructors to help out with the shoots. If you have some other background I'm more than interested so drop me an email and we'll talk.

This is not a paid position.

Characteristics I'm looking for are: Safe, easy going, and likes to share the sport of shooting.

I currently have a Great crew of guys (Christian and Randy). I also have some IDPA and USPSA RO/SO interested in helping out. What I'm looking for is additional help and to do more one to one instruction for those that need it.

The action shoots have gone very well and is something I think will just grow. Do know this is strictly practice. I am not hosting a competition, no prizes or awards are given. It's just a relaxed day to shoot and learn and grow the sport of pistol shooting. Right now most of my shoots have been for concealed pistol license (CPL) holders but I would like to expand and get some novice shooters and especially more woman into the sport. To do this I need more help to guide and provide the comfort level for this group of shooters.

There is no classroom. This is all range time. You'll have either one to one or a very small group to guide.

If you are interested and qualified:

1) Name, contact number, email, credentials
2) What I need is your background (e.g. basics of how long you've shot, what and if you have military or other experience and how long and what capacity you have taught or used your certification).

Please just email me at


Young Kim, NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
NRA Life Member, NRA Range Safety Officer
RFGC and IDPA Member

"Shoot Safely, Shoot Often and Share Your Sport"
Jim Scoutten, Shooting USA