Well, maybe my first born might be worth it... Anyway, I might have around $500 or so extra coming in and I can't think of anything better to sink my money into than a new gun. A full sized 1911 to be exact. I was trying to find a used one that's been broken in and all. I thought it would be tough, but not this tough. The few that I've found have been a tad over priced. The gentleman that I got my Crusader Compact from was down to just a Taurus as far as single stack 1911s go. He then offered to sell me his carry gun which is a nickel-plated RIA withpachmayr gripsthat he's had somework done to. He also said he's got 3 new 8 round mags he'll throw in too.

Hence his asking price. It's his carry gun. I rememberseeing it when I went to his shop. He's asking 600 for it. I trust him when he said he's only put a couple boxes through it. He's a good man and the gun is in great shape and looks purdy. But I just don't know if it looks $600 bucks purdy. I'm sure I could get it for six-hundred even, but still.Anyone have any opinions, or better yet, know of anyone that's looking for a good home for a 1911 in or near the Waco area?

Thanks in advance.