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Thread: page 314 in idaho statue book at law library

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    i am gonna scan and post the whole page.. it is full of useful information but for now i am going to post what is most helpful.. word for word from the page.


    One carries a weapon " upon or about his person" not only when he physically is carrying it in his clothing or in a hand bag of some sort, but also when he goes about with the weapon in such close proxmity to himself that it is readily accessible for prompt use.. (state vs. McNary)

    The general test of concealment is whether a weapon is so carried as not to be discernible by ordinary observation. (idaho vs. McNary)

    under idaho law, a weapon is concealed if it is not to be discernible by ordinary observation.(u.s. vs. thornton)

    where an officer could only see a small portion of a weapon in the defandants car from one particular vintage point, the weapon was not discernible from ordinary observation, and the defendant was properly arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. (idaho vs. button)

    i remember people wanted to know if they could wear a holstered, loadedhandgun on their waist in a vehicle and would it be considered(in plain view).

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    (9)  While in any motor vehicle, inside the limits or confines of any
    city, a person shall not carry a concealed weapon on or about his person
    without a license to carry a concealed weapon. This shall not apply to any
    firearm located in plain view whether it is loaded or unloaded. A firearm may
    be concealed legally in a motor vehicle so long as the weapon is disassembled
    or unloaded.

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