Hey everyone IDK if you missed Rob Arnie and Dawn this morning though I listen every once and awhile. He was speaking about on July 1st his department will have huge budget cuts and less police on the streets and he was speaking about his claim to raise CCW issuance.Some people called in like this one lady "I dont see the logic in giving out more guns in a time when crime will be higher, criminals shouldnt have more guns"

To that, I was expecting the Sheriff to respond like "your right! we need more money forour department!!"

Although he actually gave an O.K. remark back.. something a long the lines of.. "Well first of all in my years as Sheriff we have never seen a person with a CCW actually commit a crime" Arnie later replied.. "I hate these gun haters, listen,criminals with guns are going to commit crimes regardless, they are CRIMINALS!!"

I was literally ON THE LINE this whole time waiting for my time to speak yet Rob ended the segment before I was able to speak and the woman there told me the Sheriff had left.Which SUCKED because I had this ready to throw out there..

"Hello Sheriff mcguiness first just wanted to say thanks for keeping Sacramento Safe and I agree with you 100% that public saftey should always be the last thing considered in a budget cut. Though I wanted to make a quick rebuttle to the woman who called in that said increased CCW issuance will increase crime. Concealed weapons permits can only be issued to law abiding citizens, With this economy, I'm sure a Criminal being denied a concealed weapons permit keep them from carrying a gun, they are a criminal. CCW issuance only helps citizens who do not have police readily available for them and it looks like this is what it might come down too if the Board doesnt listen up. "

I know that may seem rather liberal although anyone who knows how to argue knows you must give and take in an argument, sound reasonable. Im pretty sad I didnt get to speak out to all of Sacramento with that comment, I was sooo close.