Good news I just talked to the manager of BLUMENTHALS and she gave me a new pair of 5-11s tactical pants .There is a certificate with itfor the winner to turn in with the pants if they don't fit to exchange for a different size .(cannot be returned for cash ).These will be included in our prize drawings.

Manu and I just picked up at Safeway a carload of soda's they have donated.More than last time.Starbucks will be donating the coffee again.Safeway also said they would have some more goodies for us before the meet.

Manu has made up some great invitations and we will start putting out flyers week. Parking etc.will be the same as last time.I will repost all those particulars as we get closer..Angle lake Locksmith across the has agreed to post our flyers and let us use their lot for parking.

MORE later........