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Thread: Looking for OC pistol

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    Hello all, I've been browsing around this forum and the Calguns one for a while now after learning about California's open carry laws and I figured I'd start by getting myself a good pistol that I can carry around during my business. I've been looking at various models online and here's what I'm looking for:

    -Chambered in .45ACP (other types of .45 are fine, .45 ACP is preferred) - major plus if it can handle +P or +P+ ammo
    -SA/DA, not DAO
    -For ease of loading/legality, only support CA-legal (10 rounds or less) magazines, or if that's too restrictive, have CA-legal magazines easily available for purchase
    I do have other caliber weapons that I've looked at and I can settle for one of those if this is too restrictive. Based upon my requirements, though, I've found 3 different models and been looking at them:
    -Tanfoglio Force
    -HK 45
    I've also looked at the FN FNP45, which doesn't come with CA-legal magazines but apparently they're easy to come by.

    The CZ-TT I was initially set on until I found out that they're not made by Uhersky Brod and are imported by ADCO, and furthermore not made anymore so replacement parts will be hard to find.
    The Tanfoglio Force was my next choice, and it has a pro of being able to swap calibers fairly easily (even to the uncommon 10mm), but it has limited import through the EAA which will make it difficult (but further from impossible, like the CZ-TT) to get replacement parts.
    The HK45 I've not looked into too much, but knowing H&K, it's going to cost a fair amount. That's it's only real downside I can see.

    If anyone has any further recommendations or anything positive/negative to say about the choices I've already listed, I'd be happy to hear them. I don't want to drop $500+ on some POS this early into the game.

    Edit: Note, that I'm aware of the restricted handguns list, but I have friends & family out of state who can do a private party transfer.

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    You know what I like. But it is expensive which has kept me from it as well for now. Just have to keep rolling the USP.

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    Taurus PT145, $350.00 comes with two 10 round mags. Check it out.
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