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Thread: CHL Illegally revoked... again!

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    See my previous thread for background:

    So I'm setting here at my computer, just minutes ago. Three loud knocks on the door. I glance through the peep hole. There's someone standing there in brown color, plain-ish clothes. I'm expecting a delivery, and I'm thinking it might be UPS. I look for the truck and don't see it, but my peep hole has a pretty limited view of the world.

    So I answer the door. "Are you ...?"

    "I'm sorry, who are you?"

    "I'm with the Sheriff's office."

    "Which Sheriff's office?"

    "King county." I contemplate slamming the door at this point, but he's too quick on the draw. "I have some mail here for you."

    To myself: @#$%.

    "Do you want it?"

    "Not particularly." I slam the door.

    "Alright, I'll just leave it here for you." He sets it outside, drives off.

    After he leaves, I go chase it down, as the wind blows it away. I never did get my name, but presumably, they could match a photo for positive ID.

    Sure enough, it's Multnomah County, revoking my CHL for moving out of state.

    I'm getting together my rental receipts and I'm going to send the CHL unit a nice little letter that points out that I still lease real property at the address specified in the license, and thus still qualify as a resident for the purpose of CHL law. Hopefully they'll reverse this nonsense.

    If they don't, it's a $189 filing fee, plus whatever it costs to retain James to help me fight it (which will undoubtedly be more expensive). I can probably scrape together the filing fee, but paying James is going to be tough. Hopefully they come to their senses.

    I'm quite tired of getting these... What's it take to get them to just leave me the hell alone??

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    Some Cops have nothing Better to do. But I am Sure it will all turn out fine... It sounds like you have enough Information and proof that they will just have to deal with it

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    Can't you just apply ina different county? Preferably one without ********** officers, maybe out east.

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