Was just looking over Doyles web site and see that he is still at the same old stuff. He told us on TV that we can open carry, but at the same time he is doing his best to get 66.0409 killed. This is a copy from his site.

Empowering Local Communities to Ensure Public Safety

In 1995, the state Legislature passed the preemption law – erasing all local ordinances related to firearms and denying cities, villages, towns and counties from enacting any new laws that would be more restrictive than the state statutes. As Attorney General, Governor Doyle strongly opposed this legislation – seeing the significant threat it posed to the safety of cities like Milwaukee. To keep Wisconsin residents safe, the Governor is proposing a rollback of the preemption law to give cities like Milwaukee the flexibility they need maintain order and keep their citizens out of harms way.

Yea, it is so sad that he will not look at any real stats about open carry. I guess thats why he is going to lose his job soon!