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Thread: Meeting with the ACLU Update

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    As promised, I met with the ACLU Of Nevada Director Gary Peck and their Counsel, Alan Lichtensein. I have seen them once since then, and its been wonderful discussions about the 2nd Amendment and other issues.

    After speaking with them for 4 hours on the subject at Sushi Samba, I have come to the conclusion they are ready to not only support by FIGHT for the 2nd Amendment and the Nevada Constitution, and I am excited by this. They made it very, very clear that they will back this cause.

    I believe the ACLU, which has experience on cases from Gay Rights to Free Speech is one of the best organizations to back the 2nd Amendment because of their diverse support and this is a great win for "our side".

    They have informed me that they are looking for guncases and if anyone here would like, I can get you in touch with them. They seemed very interested in some of the stories here.

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    What was the impetus for the meeting, and will you post updates here (on this thread)?

    It seems like the recent incidents on the Las Vegas Strip could make for interesting discussions with them to see just how "committed" they are.

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