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Thread: OC Friendly Stores to Patronize

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    There have been several threads as of late about stores that are openly anti-OC and there is usually a few good stores to come out of those threads. I try very hard to patronize stores which have a similar set of values as I do. I also go out of my way to avoid stores (i.e. I won't even fill up my tires at a Citgo since Hugo Chavez took over PDVSA which owns Citgo).

    Here's my (short) list of friendly stores:

    Fletcher's Gun Shop, Waukesha

    Fletchers has stated to several OCDO members that they will gladly allow you to OC in their store, just don't handle your carry piece in the store. In return, my buddy and I stocked up on reloading supplies, and I just ordered a long gun from them.

    Gander Mountain

    Gander Mtn, like Fletchers, has come out to openly support OC. And like Fletchers, don't handle your carry piece in the store.
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    Yep, I'm buying my next weapon at gander as a sort of thank you. Depending of course on how much they try to rip me off by. I cant afford to buy something for hundreds more than its worth no matter who sells it.
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