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Thread: Greenfield Ordinance

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    The following correspondence is between myself and Alderperson Lubotsky of Greenfield:


    I see that the next meeting of the Legislative Committee is Monday, July 20th. Is this the only meeting where the firearms ordinances will be discussed, or will it also be a topic at the Common Council meeting on the 21st?
    Has the city attorney advised you concerning the legality of municipal code 10.01, in light of it being in violation of Wisconsin State Statute 66.0409?

    Thank you,

    Tom ________
    New Berlin, WI

    Hi Tom.

    I have decided to remove this item from the agenda. The businesses in Gf can feel free to post the signs banning open carry and we will use tres. tickets if needed.


    Alderwoman Linda J. Lubotsky
    City of Greenfield

    I consider this a victory, but I still plan on attending this meeting to monitor the activities. Ronald Reagan said, "Trust but verify". This doesn't mean that it is gone for good, but we need to keep our eyes on this.

    MOLON LABE!!!!!

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    Thanks for the post. I was starting to wonder when my wife and I had to go back. I am sure the fail in South Milwaukee helped her change her mind about the bill. I also see it as a good win. If we would not have shown up, she was going to push it through. I think it was just a lack of understanding of the law, again...

    Well thanks for the good news again. Keep up the good work.

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