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Thread: 1 dead, 4 hurt in SoCal dental office shooting

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    Things would have been different if this was my dentist and I was there.

    1 dead, 4 hurt in SoCal dental office shooting 2hrs39minsago SIMI VALLEY, Calif. – A gunman who opened fire inside a busy dental office in an apparent domestic dispute — killing one woman and critically wounding three others — was being interrogated, police said.
    The suspect — wearing shorts, no shirt and with a shaved head — barricaded himself inside the Family Dental Care office after the Wednesday morning shooting, police Sgt. Karl Becker said. He surrendered after a hostage negotiator coaxed him out about an hour after the shootings.
    Detectives did not release a motive or identify the suspect. But the Ventura County Star newspaper reported that a dental office worker said the gunman was married to the slain victim.
    A fourth person was grazed by a bullet in the attacks.
    In the minutes following, police evacuated more than a dozen people from the dentist's office and a chiropractic office next door, including two children who witnessed the shooting.
    Carley Hodgson, an X-ray technician intern working next door, said she heard three shots in quick succession and huddled in the back room with six co-workers behind a locked door for about 30 minutes.
    Shawn Peloquin, a mechanic who owns an auto repair shop behind the dentist's offices, saw people running out the back and into his driveway, including a man who had a stomach wound.
    Peloquin said the injured man told him that his sister had been shot several times.
    Peloquin and Becky Brown, a volunteer EMT, tried to stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the wound.
    "He kept asking, 'Am I going to die?'" Brown said.
    Simi Valley is about 35 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

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    If only California had a ban on carrying into places that serve novacaine,
    and laughing gas. That would surely have stopped the gunman.

    But where does one practice drawing in those chairs with their mouth
    full of a working drill. Ouch!
    Used to feel safe as no one in there right mind goes to the dentist unless they have to.

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