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Thread: G20 KKM?

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    I have heard good things about KKM Precision. I was thinking about getting their 4-port barrels for my G20. Anyone have any first hand experience with KKM products? How about lone-wolf or other aftermarket barrels for glocks? I'm looking to get a smoother shot from my 20,hence thereason i'd like to go with a compensated barreland I wouldn't mind the barrel being a bit longer, possibly get a few more FPS out of it and some accuracy. I just started competing.

    So far all I've done aftermarket wise is a Hogue grip and a 3.5LB connector for the trigger.

    Also I reload all my own ammo besides the PD stuff. But, I use all plated bullets. No cast stuff. I dunno if that effects whichkind/type of aftermarket barrel would do me best.

    I appreciate it. Thanks guys.

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