I have been in Wisconsin for the last three weeks and just got back to Arizona last night. I knew that a 4th of July Tea Party was scheduled in Yuma, and that I wanted to go, but I had to look up the time and place on the web. At first I wasn't certain if the organizers had any concerns about open carry, so I concealed my Glock 17 in a Fobus holster, which is one of my two primary carry setups.

After I got to the Tea Party, I saw another gentleman carrying a CZ52 in what looked like an uncle mike's rig with thumbbreak. I went up to him and congratulated him on open carry, and unconcealed my Glock. He remined me that we had met out shopping, and that I had suggested to him that he open carry at the tea party! Moving around a bit, I saw another gentlemen open carrying, I think a Kahr in Fobus. I went up and talked to him, and he said he was dual carrying, one concealed and one openly. It was only after he had seen people carrying that he decided to open carry as well. It turned out that he was a former student from one of my CCW classes, but with well over a thousand of them out there, it is hard to keep track.

No issues, no confrontations, not "dirty" looks, just a good time for all.

One thing this brought home to me is how important it is to reinforce each other. I think there is a lot of support for open carry, but most people feel isolated and a little unsure of their rights. I urged both ofthe fellows who were openly exercising their Constitutional rights to visit opencarry.org and to join. I don't know if they will, but they are prime candidates.