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    OK, some people said the only time I post was whenI had bad experiences. Well here is a decent experience.

    I was going down to waterfront park for the fireworks last night via $th street live to grab a bite to eat. I hopped on the bus expecting the bus driver to get all freaked out. but it was exactly the opposite. he was very interested and said he was going to check into it himself. I refered him to for further information and had a good conversation.

    Once I got off the bus at 4th and Broadway. and walked down to $th street live area. I was then asked to stop as I walked down the street by a civilian working "security" for the area. not a LEO and was ttold I couldn't carry in that area. I asked isn't this a public street". He replied "yes but there is a sign here stating no firearms" this kind of confusing to me because as far as I was aware How is a private organization controlling a publicly owned street. This is the funny part he said... and I quote. "We have all these little kidsdown here tonight, what if it was to fall on the ground and accidently discharged and hit one of them". I was now dumbfounded at his stupidity... the holster I was wearing was a Galco with the thumb break. I asked how is it susposed to fall on the ground if nobody is touching it? He then stated just go someplace else. my last statement to him was. "Have a good evening I will be happy to take my business elsewhere". I am also going to be writing to the business in that area alearting them that they have lost my business because of it.

    After that I went to BBC on 4th street and had a good dinner and not a word was said about it.

    I then went to 6th and Broadway to catch my bus back to my hotel. While I was waiting a crash happened at the intersection. I made sure that all parties were ok and then proceeded to direct traffic until LEO/RA units arrived on scene. once the LEO's arrived. One came up and asked my name I told him and he asked who I was with. I advised him that I was with no agency. he then asked if I had a permit I advised him no. as it hasn't came yet. and all he said after that was "You know it isn't smart to carry like that". I just asked if they needed any more help he advised no and I left and went home.

    So all in all a good night.

    Happy Carrying

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    Did they at least thank you for handling the scene until arrival?:?

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