DENMARK — According to a recent newspaper account, police chiefs in several Wisconsin communities who have sworn under oath to obey and uphold the law have been violating Wisconsin law, aiding and abetting crime, and cooperating with criminals in preventing people from lawfully carrying an exposed firearm.

Some people, and these police, are apparently unaware criminals and people with criminal intentions are carrying firearms.

A criminal will not attack a person he sees carrying an exposed firearm or anyone near. The honest, law-abiding citizen carrying an exposed firearm is a sign to would-be attackers that a means of defense is imminent. The mere presence of the firearms, even if not loaded, would give a person intending criminal mischief reason to look elsewhere.

The states and communities (California, Chicago, Detroit and New York among others) with the most stringent firearm laws have the highest per capita crime rates. In 1982, when Kennesaw, Ga., enacted an ordinance that every home in the city should have a firearm, the crime rate in the city had a very significant drop. Criminals left the city.

My son had purchased groceries at 5 a.m. before going to work. When in the parking lot going to his car, he saw two males wearing ski masks running toward him.

He faced them in a defensive position and reached behind his back as if grasping for a weapon. The two immediately turned and ran away, pulling off their masks.

Lawrence Lacensk