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Thread: Pro-Open Carry Letter to Editor in Chicago Daily Herald!

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    Mr. Bekeleski and his cohorts at the NRA are kidding themselves if they think some coke-addled punk is going to think twice about ripping off Grandma's purse just because she might have a .38 under her shawl. If we're all going to carry guns, let's do this thing right and take the guess work out of self-defense.

    Instead of concealed carry, we need open carry laws. Why hide our guns in a purse or a shoulder holster? Strap 'em to our hips in plain view. Let that coke head know Grandma's carrying.

    Regarding Virgina Tech, we can all rest assured the massacre would not have occurred had Mr. Cho known the professors, aides, school officials, janitors, cafeteria personnel, landscapers and students were packing. After all, nothing is more sobering than an 18th century English literature professor with a Colt .45 strapped to his leg.

    Of course, maybe Mr. Cho would not have done what he did if he couldn't have gotten hold of all of those guns in the first place. Maybe instead of saying, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," Mr. Bekeleski might consider a bad guy without access to a gun is even better than a good guy packing one.

    John Gillies


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    actually, I think he was sarcastic.

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    Actually, I want the best of both worlds - the bad guy without access to guns and the good guys carrying.......just in case.

    Gosh nab it, that's exactly why I carry - just in case.

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