4th of July OC AMERICAN: thought that was a given in Idaho. No problem at Moscow Fly Shop or Black Sheep down in Lewiston. For that matter hardly anywhere or any of the stores ( North Idaho ). I thought it was just like a type of f3d3ral like p0st 0ffice and such place that prohibited iron or concealed etc. Oh ..fyi: side note: if you studder when saying your address when getting your fishihg license at Black Sheep you will have a private investigator or sheriff asking you questions later because the fruitcake kid red flagged you when purchasing your fishing license. Hmm could have been the last name that's German but the kid probably thought it was something else. Does Lotzeinhiemer look Spanish/Mexican to you? I digress, off track here a bit, so where was I? and moving on...

  • This is a great forum and good points brought up(for Open Carry that is):

    1. 1) Why – in Idaho -- would someone ask you to take your iron outside? Yet if your about to blow chunk because a couple of the same sex are playing grabass and snuggling etc. and you mention to the managers that that behavior is a bit nauseating, then your out of line.

    2. 2) Letters, and comment cards, great ideas but will anything be done or get straightened out there at that try to buy but state your business store?

Yes I imagine that there are places it would not be wise to carry, like a financial institute or f3d3ral bui1ding. Now unless your a marshal or Marshal Dillion ... going to a wake or funeral or taking the kids swimming, you should probably leave the iron home.

Rifles seem to be fine, like in the rack behind your head in the pickup. Hand iron the other hand, WELL NOW THAT’S DIFFERENT in most states. Not in the glove box of your pickup. I mention that because if its anywhere in that vehicle and your pulled over for say speeding, they will ask right away if you have like a concealed license.(I mean if they see it, in the back seat [range case] or glove compartment/jockey-box) I don’t care what you say, .. given a bad mood or the wrong person, well, you’ll be lucky not to go to jail. This happend to a friend of mine once. We were all heading out to a camping fishing weekend trip way the hell out there and he thought he’d bring it along to plink cans you know some entertainment if the fish were not biting.
Well, long story short or .. hmmm the synopsis or hmmm recap no, SUMMARY yeah the pointIS --a rifle or shotgun or two NO PROBLEM in most places, but a leg iron? Well you had better keep it out of site like in the trailer or have a ton of paper for it, i.e. concealed license / permit, ex f3deral 4gent etc.