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    Has anyone ever oced in Port Huron.

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    I was in northend Port Huron on the 4th. I Oc'd at Walgreens, Toys R Us, and the sport oufit just south of Toys R Us. (Gander Mtn?) The sporting store was sorta wierd for me, they posted on their door all firearms must be checked. At first I waited outside while my wife and my mom went in and looked for a portable grill. After a few minutes I realised they might want my input so I strolled in and said to the clerk "Whats up with your sign, you want to see my firearm?"as I motioned to my hip. He took a look and said "you have a ccw?" to which I affirmed and he said no problem. Would have tried to teach him the rules, but we were running out of afternoon and needed to get back with a grill.

    Thinking back, I was also at the Dairy Queen up there last summer. I don't remember if I was open or not though?!?!
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    If you go to the very top right of the page you'll see a button for "Members". There is a member here by the name of mitunnelrat who lives in Port Huron. Send him a PM and see what's up on the eastern front.

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