When: Friday, August 28th 11-3pm
Please be aware I'm very punctual and don't wait for people that are late.

Where: Renton Fish and Game Club
17250 SE 144th St
Renton, WA 98059

What: Open clinic for new shooters to more experienced shooters. From learning how to shoot a gun to shooting on the move. This is geared for new shooters. Couples are welcomed.

Cost: $15
Class is limited and you must pre-register before Monday, August 24th by 5pm. I'm projecting a small class around 15 slots.

Requirements: Must have a gun. Gun case and at least 2 magazines and at least 200 rounds of ammo (4 boxes). No targets needed.

Optional: Holster that points down (muzzle down). No shoulder holsters. If you have a holster but are not sure please just email me.

Why: I have been wanting to put on a basic course for new shooters and/or shooters that want to improve their shooting ability. This will be a small group discussion and mostly hands on range practice. The first 30 minutes will cover gun safety (what and why) and the majority will be shooting. I will break you up into 2-3 shooter groups and you'll coach each other in the process of learning.

I will be hosting this shoot in the Action Bays at Renton Fish and Game. This is not a "range" with a firing line but basically a sort of dirt pit with a mound for a backstop. A bit fancier but describes it pretty well. It's outside with little shelter. Wear boots and a hat.

How do you sign up or pre-register?

1) Send me your email
2) Full name
3) Contact phone number
4) Experience level - please explain what and how much shooting you have done.
5) Your goal for me - like to start shooting, for self defense, get better or more accurate, want to get into competitive shooting, etc.

Very relaxed and self paced. My goal is to present an easy friendly environment for students to learn and enjoy the shooting sports.

*Please note this is not a governed NRA course

Young Kim, NRA Certified Instructor (pistol)
NRA Range Safety Officer
NRA Life Member

Do I have to pre-register? YES
Can I show up the day of the shoot? - Yes but you won't get in.
Do I have to have a holster? NO - optional
Do I have to have a case? Yes - If you are a new gun owner the case it came with is good enough.
Do I have to have 200 rounds? I strongly recommend it but you can bring how many you would like. I say bring as much since you can always shoot it later - the ammo doesn't go bad.
Do I have to have a special type of gun? Whatever you have is fine. Long as it functions and is safe to shoot.

If you have any questions or concerns please just email me.