I got pulled over this weekend on my way back from a retreat by Sheep Mountain for an expired tag.

The trooper told me about the tag and I thought it was odd since I remembered renewing them in November. Turns out that memory was of my wife's car. He asked for my license, registration, and insurance info. I reached for my pack to get my license and handed it to him.

I had locked my gun up because I didn't want to have it in my way for four hours on I-25. I usually put it in the door panel in that case, but already had it locked in the glove compartment during the retreat.

I said, "Here's my license. I'm going to get my registration and insurance out of the glove compartment. Just to let you know, I have a firearm in there." He said, "Okay" very non-descriptly as though I just said it'd take me a minute to clean out the cheeseburger bags to find it. He said he'd be back for the ticket on the expired tag. I asked him if I could get out and look at the tag and he said sure.

He took a good long while and then came back and said, "Where is the nearest friend or relative that can come pick you up?" I could not believe that traveling with my gun cable locked with the slide back in a locked compartment was going to get me arrested!

Nope, he said my license had been canceled for over a year. ARRGHHH!!! Gun, no problem. Some pencil pusher puts my street address instead of my mailing address in my record AGAIN after I've changed it back I don't know how many times because I don't have street delivery in my area so I don't receive a re-examination notice and I'm risking a mandatory 5 day minimum in jail for "driving under restraint"!

I told him nearest person to me was in Denver. He said, "Well, I've got to tell you you can't drive...'but'....." No word about the gun other than his "okay" at the beginning.

I have the DMV records of me putting my correct address in, it getting changed, and the letter going to the wrong spot. Lawyer advised me to talk to the prosecutor about dismissing or giving me a plea. Or to even ask the DMV to back date my license since it was their fault, but noted that was unlikely. Just sucks it happened all the way down in Pueblo so I've got to go back down there for court.