I suppose it was bound to happen. I have openly carried a lot and have never been asked any questions from anyone until today!

The neighbor's son and his friend were playing near my house and came over to bring to my attention a small matter involving my dog.

One of the boys noticed handgun in the holster on my belt and asked if it was real. They were both curious as to why I was carrying.

The three of us had a nice chat about how with the 2nd amendment, one has to use it or loose it and that carrying a firearm openly or concealed is lawful in Georgia for any adult who has a carry license.

Maybe when these boys become men, they too will choose to exercise their right to carry.

The real point to this post is to encourage others who might be holding back on openly carrying in Georgia. Overall it is a non-issue. Over the last year, I have openly carried in a number of places and no one ever seems to notice. Those who do notice do not tend to care.