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Thread: Looking for an attorney in NC

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    A friend from my church in Virginia ran into some problems in NC. I'm not going to try to explain 3rd hand what happened, as I became aware of his problems when events were far along.

    Bottom line is he needs to get in touch with an attorney knowledgeable about NC gun law. NC confiscated and is holding 2 long guns they probably shouldn't be holding at all.

    Any NC attorney recommendations?

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    Did a little digging and this is all I could find

    I would suggest you go to an attorney in the county that the incident occurred and discuss the case with them. They would probably be able to refer you to someone who specializes in that area.

    Since I am assuming this was an issue with municipal or county LEO, you want someone fairly local. It could also save you in legal fees.

    Which county did it occur in?

    If I find something else I will post again.

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