Open Holster Rally in Annapolis

Mark Your Calendars!

Event : 1st Open Holster Day in Annapolis, to protest Maryland’s lack of “Shall Issue” for law abiding citizens.
When: August 1st, 2009 (Time 12 Noon until 6:00pm)
Purpose: To have a large, completely peaceful and unarmed gathering of supporters of “Shall Issue” laws in Maryland. We will be wearing empty holsters in protest of the current “Discretionary Issue” system that sees Handgun Carry Permits issued only to those politically connected or dealing in extraordinarily large amounts of physical cash or the occasional person who can meet the impossibly high burden of proof needed to receive one for self defense.
How to Participate: This is a completely grass-roots event. There will be no formal meeting place. The intent is to have a nice day with the family and friends in Annapolis, shopping, eating and sight seeing while wearing, in plain sight, an empty holster . You will know others participating in the protest by their open holsters. Stop, introduce yourself and make a new friend. We will provide a flyer that you can hand out to anyone curious as to why you carry an empty holster .