Traitor's or fool's nra goa saf

Until proven otherwise TRAITOR's.

Several of us in ID, WY, and MT have been surfing and researching, until proven otherwise - TRAITOR's.

Strong evil anti 2A - Admin and Congress then regretfully soon maybe the same with the SCOTUS

Congress wants to pass and Admin is not openly saying anything
-- The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill

NRA-ILA :: Update On Pending Federal Legislation

NRA-ILA :: The National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Bill

-- 33 State Attorney Generals support the NRA in the SCOTUS the pass few weeks

All because the Strong evil anti 2A is in power ? They are Strong evil anti 2A so why would Congress support this and the Admin sign it into law unless this was some evil plan.

In Summary:

The only people supporting this are morons, fools or TRAITORS. The GOA, NRA, and SAF - have their heads where the sun does not shine on their bodies on this one or they are part of this evil anti 2A plan. This is a democrat, SPINELESS republican, attempt at a back door run of taking control of conceal carry in this State's Right issue. With the current mindset in power in WDC, 2 branches of govt maybe a third branch of govt if the racist, sexist, and anti human rights person is appointed, conceal carry would be uniform rules across the 50 states alright with the level of obtainance so detailed hardly anyone would have a permit except for the "good ole boy's" but before this all current permit holders would be "registered with the federal govt along with their carry guns by serial number", next comes the taking of all your guns. feds will simply threaten to with hold fed $$ to the States then States (Governor and Attorney General's) will kneel down to kiss their crack, then your Rights evaporate. This is the beginning of a power play by the federal govt to take control of the conceal carry across the USA, which they currently have NO power over, States can work out differences. Do not need the master's of disasters (the federal govt) screwing it up just like nearly everything else they touch.
E-mail your ALL of CONGRESS NRA GOA SAF (feel free to copy and paste the # 1 and # 2 below)
1. "NO - this a States Rights issue not a federal govt issue"
2. "Anyone supporting or voting for S 845, amendment (#1618) to the Department of Defense authorization bill (H.R. 2647) would be in a violation of their Oath of Office.