iv'e been reading all the posts and studying the laws so i understand my rights and resposibilities in this constitutional endever for about 2 months , i have learned alot!!! finaly own a holster for open carry and you may have seen my brown gun in my machine fixture. i also started reading other states, oregon, calif, idaho, alaska, and nevada so as to understand the laws other americans are having to contend with. i wish i could have come to silverdale in may, but i wasnt up to speed yet, feeling that i didnt have the facts yet, wasnt ready to commit. i am supprised now when i look at other states that virginia has almost 2 times the number of posts and threads as we have, and all other states have alot less! we are number 2 in the forum action but post a little more info and comment than virginia does. im supprised that the surrounding states sometimes dont have a new post for 1 or 2 days at a time while our state will have 20 newposts every 12 hours or so. anyhooo ill see you all at the diversity fair in tumwater.