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Thread: Remington vows to replace ammo shortage?

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    I was watching Lou Dobbs on CNN, Remington Arms Co.say they are working hard to replace ammo shortage and should see a possitive flow in 3-4 months.

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    I'd say 3-4 months would be about when it's due to become more available anyway, provided nothing spooks gun owners again. The bad economy and the insane prices people have been paying are a bubble that will burst, and it's due to happen soon.

    The only problem is the wholesale destruction of the US dollar that we are experiencing. The days of 75 dollar cases of x39 are long gone. But at least things should become more reasonable soon.
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    The drought was said to end in late summer, and is already ending, if slowly at least. I can score ammo pretty much whenever I need it now, instead of having to wait months at a time. Just know where to shop, and refuse to buy the overpriced crap. Companies need to learn that they aren't going to sell a 50 round box of .40 caliber for $27.95 when I can get it down the road for $12.47.

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