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Thread: Wayne County,Huron Twps

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    Five friends came to [ Moms house Wife] for a little clean up help [Wife has Breast Cancer] at house . After much work we break out the guns [ Range 30 years or more only married 20 , due for pardon soon] after 25 rounds on 11 acre spread someone calls 911 with cannon fire , poacher ,big High Caliber . Police arive TOLD law no shooting within 450 feet of homes . Hunting only Police very nice after small talk . F O I Act reveals bad address on complaint. Had meeting with the Chief who advised would look into matter. One can shoot on private property as long as projectiles remain on property. God BlessAll

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    I had heard through the grape vine that your wife had cancer. Please tell her I wish her the speediest of recoveries.

    A much less important side note is that it's good to hear you can legally shoot on your own property. Can't do that where I'm at.
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    Shooting party at taxwhat's place!

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