This past week has been alot of fun Open Carrying as a NEWB. I went to get meds at walmart and go grocery shopping.I am not a big supporter of WalMart but if you can Oc there do it.
Funny thing happened today,I went to the Firestone Waterloo Giant Eagle and drove up to the officer in his Squad Car and asked if there was any no fire arms signs,the officer said yes so I didnt carry there.
When I went in there was an officer at the door as security talking to the MGR on duty.When I finished my grocery shopping unarmed I spoke with Officer Kent of AKRON PD and I spoke to him in detail about carry in Giant Eagle and said that the officer I spoke w was wrong and he spoke to him over his radio about it.
Officer Kent said that the Liquer store was off limits I guess I think this Giant Eagle has a state liquer agency in it but I am unsure of this. That said I will defintly shop there armed but am hoping that the MGMT gets there stuff straight.
Im gonna check the forum and see if there is other GIant Eagles that prohibit but I pretty sure you can,any feedback????????????