thank you for the welcome. at our shop we'll try to to do what we can to further your cause, and our rights as citizens. Since we adopted Open Carry we have had no criminal activity in close proximity to our building, never have toi fear, nor call the police. We haven't seen any "open carriers" yet, and suggest you watch your school zones while traversing to our shop. Where you conduct buisness is strictly a personal choice, and if you already have a reliable, and trusted mechainc, in these grim economic times: Feed him first, and stick with him, or he may be out of buisness tommorrow. But if your tired of excessive costs, fees, and are dis-satisfied, perhapse we may be the shop for you. In any event, any open carriers who visit our shop will automatically get a free Mechanix LTD. baseball cap (at least until we run out of them). Our posted sign allowing Open Carry has been seen by many of our customers, and no one has commented yet, nor left in a hurry for that matter. considering the neighborhood we are located in, I suppose our customers expect the afforded protection while visitng our shop.