Well, yup, just got off the phone with Mr. Jim Younger, nice guy, tried to help as best he could and tried to point me to statues (That I had prepared to talk to him). And he talked about Chief Justice Lee's opinion about carrying in a belt, holster, throng, ect.

So no real help there, I understand that his job isn't to work for me, just to point to the statues...however, he pointed me to my Local Law Library (yay!), and that I can get cases regarding certain statues from there, so I'll probably head there tomorrow since I've got prior engagements after lunch today and start looking for cases...and filter through the criminal ones I don't need...

But it seems that Chief Lee's opinion is commonly known, and that Mike made a great call in making Ms a licensed Open Carry state, since holsters and the like are concealed in Mississippi...s$$@y way to get through this, but it seems our choices are limited to trying to get the state legislature to make laws regarding Open Carry (I really can see this happening........) or getting a permit... I don't like it, but that seems to be how we're going to have to live with it for now.

Well, until next time.

Johnny_B Signing off

(I felt like being corny)